Zions Bank Offices

Boise, Idaho


The core principles of the Zions Bank space in the 8th and Main tower were clear: stability, tradition and prestige - with a personal touch. Our design team worked with various groups within the company - from executives to facilities personnel - to define and understand the core principles and to determine how they translated into the architectural experience. Once we defined a clear program, after meeting with teams within the bank, we focused on the spatial organization and adjacencies, vetting many different layout options, helping our client weigh the pros and cons of each. Throughout this process we then honed in on the design that was best suited to their culture.


Client-facing spaces in the first floor branch emphasized transparency and a welcoming atmosphere while also including the quality traditional and durable materials such as natural stone tiles and finely crafted cherry wood millwork.


Internal administration spaces reflected the executive-level positions at the bank. Offices lined the exterior walls, maximizing views and natural light.


The top level of the tower has two primary focal points - the surrounding mountain views and the highlights from the owner's extensive art collection. The design highlighted those two counterpoints.


Project Contacts

David Anderson

…I would like to thank Babcock Design for the monumental effort that was made to design the building and the associated tenant build-out for the Zions Bank space.


    —Eric Storey, Sr. Vice President and Scott Anderson, CEO Zions Bank