Vernal, Utah



The award-winning Vernal Brewing Company totals 9,000 sf accommodating brewing facilities, restaurant, bar/tasting room and office space. The building is a two-story structure with a farm on the south end which supplies the brewery with hops, vegetables and fruits. The building design takes advantage of the site's main feature: views to west and south. In response to the region and orientation, the restaurant portion is shaded by a significant roof canopy with fascia material of copper. Outdoor seating is available year-round as the area is covered with an operable roof device. The exterior is clad in basalt tile that is wedge shaped, which enhances the building's geometry. This project was designed to be an icon for the owners to promote their new brewery and to create a new dining venue within the city of Vernal.


The largest volume of the building houses the brewing function. The brewery is fully functional from the beginning of the process of milling to fermenting to packing and distribution. Accessory spaces to the brewery include a lab space, office space and storage. This building consistently operates at full-capacity.



  • 2013 Most Outstanding Private, Under $10M Project, Utah Construction and Design Magazine


Project Contacts

Rob Cottle