Valerie Mitchell

Architectural Associate


A recent graduate from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Architecture, Valerie has moved back to her home town of Boise to complete her Master’s degree at the University of Idaho, Boise Campus. She was born in Idaho Falls and grew up in Boise. Valerie has always been very creative and drawn to helping people, so architecture seemed like a natural fit. The ability to shape and benefit peoples’ lives through design is what makes this career intriguing to her. She has especially gravitated towards the sociological, psychological, and cultural effects of the built environment and is excited to explore how design strategies can respond to specific social and cultural issues. The ability to foster and create spaces that cater to the diverse needs of specific groups of people is to her, the absolute beauty of architecture.


When not at work, Valerie likes to spend her time doing various activities outdoors, such as hiking, running, camping and hunting.