Vernal, UT



This K-12 Charter School in Vernal, Utah is a publicly funded school independent from the Uintah School District. It has 29 classrooms with two for each grade in addition to an Art, Science, and Music room. The school is equipped with a full commercial kitchen. They are involved in unique programs including "Edible Schoolyard" and "Farms to Schools" to help provide nutritious lunches for students at the school. It is the belief of Terra's founders that a healthy diet helps improve the education and overall wellness of the students.


All of the classrooms have been designed to take advantage of ample natural lighting which has been proven to have positive effects connected with students' performance, health, the aesthetic in a learning environment. These positive effects are connected with better quality of learning which is human-centered and sensitive towards the environment.


Project Contacts

Rob Cottle

Wes Baker