Savage Companies

Midvale, Utah


The four-story structure was designed to connect its users to their local environment and extend their views with visual and direct connections to the outdoors. It is clad in a metal panel rain screen system with 2.5" of continuous insulation, a mass of Ebony honed face CMU block, with well-placed high-performance thermally-broken curtain wall storefront glazing system that capitalize on these outdoor connections. The building exterior responds to the open interior design layout and maximizes natural day lighting. From any point in the building there are two or more direct views to the exterior. Natural day lighting combined with the use of dimmable LED's limits the use and need for artificial light drastically, creating an ideal lighting for the work environment. Another example of the strong indoor/outdoor connection is the 4th floor roof patio carved out adjacent to the executive board room. Designed on the east side it is protected by the building and is usable during the critical hours of the day.




Project Contact

TJ Winger


In association with Architectural Nexus