Clif Bar Manufacturing Bakery

Twin Falls, ID

Clif Bar & Company recently opened a new state-of-the-art bakery completed in the fall of 2016. This is their first completely owned and operated baking facility and will employee up to 250 people when fully operational.

Clif Bar & Company is an industry-leading maker of nutritious and organic food and drinks. They have an inspiring mission of Five Aspirations  – Sustaining the People, Planet, Community, Business and Brands.

The bakery will be very environmentally-friendly and is pursuing LEED certification. “The design team was tasked with developing an innovative building which redefines the nature of food manufacturing facilities and sets a new precedent for other factories to follow”, said Dave Anderson of Babcock Design Group and lead architect on the project.



Rich Berger, Vice President of Engineering, Food Supply at Clif Bar and Company said of Babcock Design Group, “Your talent demonstrated on this project will show the industry that you can certainly bring something to the table…Clif Bar has been very pleased with the work Babcock has done on our project.”