Katie Bennett




Originally from the Midwest, Katie has always loved experiencing architecture in new cities. Katie practiced architecture in Southern California and Portland, Oregon. As a licensed architect, she has five years of professional experience with mixed-use, high density market-rate and affordable residential, retail, warehouse, and education projects. During school, she spent eight weeks on a tour through Tuscany, Switzerland and Germany seeking out ancient and cutting edge building techniques alike. Those eight weeks inspired her to spend an entire year abroad in Copenhagen. Katie is interested in the big idea of projects, and how that idea is articulated through drawings, materials, and the user experience. She holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Kansas and has a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability from Portland State University.


When she’s not pouring over the latest Dwell magazine or midcentury design blog, Katie is taking lots of photos with her DSLR and alternating weekends between big city getaways and camping in the mountains with her husband and dog.