Jennifer Reed


Interior Design director


Jennifer grew up in a small Midwest farming community. After graduating from Kansas State University in 2005, she moved to Boise to start her career as an Interior Designer. With more than 12 years of design experience, her portfolio is vast, each project a different type, size, and complexity. Meeting with each client, understanding the ways their spaces need to accommodate them, and how they want to present their company and culture to the world are responsibilities she does not take lightly. To her, it is always about the people. Design is so subjective - but at the end of the day if the people are happy, it is the best feeling in the world. Jennifer is an active member in the American Society of Interior Designers and holds a certificate from the National Counsel for Interior Design Certification (NCIDQ).


Jennifer recently transferred from our Boise office to Salt Lake City with her family. She is eager to put her new oven to use and bake all of her husband’s favorite treats, shop in new malls and stores for anything, except groceries, and explore the majestic mountains in Utah.