vineyard, Utah



Located in Vineyard, Utah, the Franklin Discovery Academy is two-story 45,000 charter school completed in fall 2016 serving grades K-6. At the heart of FDA's core curriculum is the belief in the extraordinary capacity of every child to learn. The school offers a mastery learning style STEM curriculum in a blended learning environment to cultivate a life-long sense of wonder and curiosity in every student. They offer a unique and individualized extended learning hours approach that allows students to meet the schools vision of education that encourages all students to Create, Learn, Play and Inspire.


The restrained exterior of the building is covered in stucco and masonry with small hints of color while the interior gives way to a bright colorful atmosphere. The extra-large classrooms and open STEM learning area offer various opportunities for student education, while the interior play areas (including a slide) promote activity and play.


Project Contacts

Wes Baker