Clif Bar


Master Plan

Twin Falls, Idaho



The purpose of this Master Plan is to define the intent for the final build-out of the Clif Bar Baking Company in Twin Falls, Idaho. Clif Bar is not only an innovator and leader of the energy bar market, but their unique approach to how they conduct their business, how they expand their brand, their commitment to the sustainability of the planet, how they interact with the community and the loyalty of their people, makes them a company that all others aspire to be.


From the beginning, the Clif Bar Baking Company was intended to be not only an innovative production bakery, but Clif Bar wanted to change the way food plants were designed, operated and staffed. Clif Bar has committed to invest in the entire project site to create an inviting, interactive, sustainable and beautiful project that can be enjoyed by visitors and employees alike. This Master Plan sets forth the scope of this vision and the key elements that represent the Five Aspirations of Clif Bar and how they are integrated into the project.


Project Contact

Darin Bell