A10 Capital

Boise, Idaho


A10 Capital is a financial lending firm headquartered in Boise, Idaho on the Eleventh Floor of the iconic 8th and Main Tower. Through the programming phase, the design team learned of and responded to their unique modern culture.


The prime area with the best views was given to the staff break room so everyone could enjoy the space that was equipped with lounge furniture and a television. In addition, there is a game room with a ping pong table and kegerator. A study of quiet versus noisy space was researched for phase 2 when the game room was built.  The legal team needed a quiet space for focus work vs the loud, yet loose space of those enjoying the game room.  Everything was in the details. This space was created with crisp, clean lines on all components producing an architectural treasure.


Project Contact

Jennifer Reed

After meeting with the architects and designers, they were able to take my limited explanation and make it into, not only a functional open design but, a spectacular modern image.

— Jerry Dunn, CEO

A10 Capital LLC